Wedding Cube is a premium photo booth service offered by Monography. We are here to create a new wedding culture which will elevate your beautiful ceremony. Our Cube is minimal, practical, and handsome. We strive to impress your guests with a trendy and minimalistic approach to the traditional photo booth with Monography's unique twist. Not only do we offer the photo booth, there are many more amenities included in our Cube package.

Share your memories, share your love

We are here to be fully attentive to your needs from start to finish. Our friendly staff will be on site to assist the guests through every single process. We will explain how it works, hand out prints, and guide the guests to write a congratulatory letters for the premium guestbook which we will give it to you at the end of your special day. So jump in with your families and friends, we are here to capture your beautiful memories for you.

Here is what you can expect. Package Guide

Monography will provide a wedding invitation card for your guests so your guests will be aware that Wedding Cube will be present on your big day. Wedding Cube is equipped with a high-end mirrorless camera and professional lighting. Our turnaround time for the prints is 5-7 seconds after the photo booth session is completed. This is suitable for a busy, fast- paced wedding environment. What is unique about our photo booth is that guests have the option to retake each shot when unsatisfied. Guests will receive two copies of prints after each session. One for them to keep, and one for them to attach it on the congratulatory letter. We will elevate your wedding experience with our premium photo guestbook with heartfelt messages from your loved ones alongside their photo booth strips.

  • Unlimited prints
  • All digital copies and a private online gallery
  • Customized photo booth templates
  • Premium photo guestbook album
  • White curtain backdrop
  • 2 Monography staff on site
  • Wedding invitation card
Wedding invitation

Congratulations you have been invited to a wedding cube event, and it is your friends wedding!

wedding cube installation

On ceremony day, two Monography staff members will be present 1-2 hours prior to the event to help set up and prepare the Wedding Cube

on-site guidance

We will guide each guest with great care throughout the photo booth and the guestbook process, so that all of the guests can enjoy in comfort

prints & custom guestbook

A photo booth session will print out two identical strips. One strip will be mounted on a congratulatory letter and another strip for the guest to keep.

For more details on packages and rates, please inquire to